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greek magazine/conference

updated sun 19 jan 03


Barbara Brown on sat 18 jan 03

Hi Les,
The IAC Conference in Greece was Aug/Sept 2002. I was hoping to see the
movie "Big Fat Greek Wedding" on the airplane over but no such luck. I
saw it recently and it was great. The conference was great also. I did
some homework on the internet ahead of time and heard there was a Sunday
antique flea market so I went a day early and Peter Beard from England
and I went to it. After much bargaining, I got a wonderful old Greek
jug for $40, a plate for $16 and a picture of a woman in native folk art
dress carrying a pot on her shoulder for $3.
At the bottom of the hill where the Acropolis is there is an old
cemetery called Kerimos and it is the area where the potters worked
hundreds of years ago and there is a small museum there with pottery.
On a side street in the same area is another museum worth a visit. It
is the Museum of Traditional Pottery. This was on the day before the
conference even started so you can see what a great pottery adventure
the whole trip was.
If you ever get to the San Francisco area, plese come and visit and see
the pots.

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