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fw: re: oh my goodness, somethings happened/teapot show

updated sun 19 jan 03


Pat Southwood on sat 18 jan 03

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From: "Pat Southwood"
Sent: Saturday, January 18, 2003 12:30 AM
Subject: Re: Re: oh my goodness, somethings happened/teapot show

> Hallo Janet and others,
> My , Janet, hat's off and due respect. Neither myself or the "Eastern
> Evening News", nor indeed that bastion of rural values, the "Eastern Daily
> Press" has heard of this shocking lapse of teapots.
> Sadly, our wonderful Norman Castle, the scene of Kett's Rebellion, has
> undergone a "modernisation".
> No longer do we have the enticing dusty corridors of the mineral section.
> Gone are the tacky 3d pictures that I remember from age 5 onwards.
> Now, in the spirit of modernisation we have "interactive displays"
> Just mounting the high horse here, please wait, thankyou,
> "MUSEUMS SHOULD'NT BE FUN" They are not ther to provide amusement to the
> lowest common denominator, they are there for all ages and all levels of
> appreciation.
> when I was 6 I wasn't very interested in the display of Saxon Pots. I
> from about age10, when i got into clay, and it was great, loads of Saxon
> Norman pots, tons of them, moving through to bellarmines and all sorts
> Now I want to go back and study them and they are gone. Hiding.
> So are all of the cracking pots that used to be on display. It was my
> ceramic education, from about age 13, when I was old enough to get the bus
> into town and go where I liked.
> I used to spend ages in the castle museum.
> I last went there about three months ago, to see the Jerwood stuff. A
> travelling exhibition.
> I asked, after their amazingly expensive refit , where all the ceramics
> gone????
> I was told that a 4" square display cabinet was their current ceramic
> effort, although they hoped to expand it in future.
> As a teenager I can remember looking at Leach, Hamada, Staite- Murray,
> Rie, Coper, Crowley, Welsh and many others.
> Tons of ghastly Lowestoft porcelain, corridors of the stuff.
> The teapots were only out on display in the Castle for the course of the
> exhibition, it has been touring for years. There is a book: I will look
> the gen and get back.
> Ah, Nostalgia.
> Pat.