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updated sun 19 jan 03


Lee Love on sat 18 jan 03

First on my list is Philp Rawson's _Ceramics_.

Lee Love In Mashiko, JAPAN
"Clay is molded to make a vessel, but the utility of the vessel lies in the
space where there is nothing...Thus, taking advantage of what is, we recognize
the utility of what is not.". --Lao Tzu

Irene Poulton on sat 18 jan 03

Hi John
For a wonderful and informative book on ceramics, in particular Raku and pit
firing (great for beginners)
try Raku,investigations into fire, by David Jones, Crowood Press ISBN 1
86126 1 39 X
great images, "how to " instructions, recipes and also history both ancient
and modern.

Best wishes from Perth, Western Australia
Irene Poulton

Lee Love on sun 19 jan 03

> First on my list is Philp Rawson's _Ceramics_.

Just wanted to explain why Rawson is so important to people making
functional pottery. He makes no excuses for craftsmen/potters. They don't
need them. He explains why the potter's work is _superior_ to other artforms
for expression and transmitting a full range of cultural knowledge. It is an
antidote to what ails modern life.

I'd share some quotes, but I accidentally left my copy at the workshop and
today is a day off.

Another book I enjoy is Kevin Hluch's "The Art of Contemporary American
Pottery". Good photos, writing and quotes. Here is a quote:

"First we must overcome the inhibitions of our Western civilization
that cause us to feel knowledge by touch is immature, primitive, and even
illegal. Among many other peoples the hand is a live instrument of experience,
used in daily life to hold, lift, grip and explore. As a tool for living, it
becomes a tool for knowing."
~~ Warren
MacKenzie ~~

Read more about "The Art of Contemporary American Pottery" here:

Lee Love
Mashiko JAPAN

"Really there is no East, no West,
Where then is the South and the North?
Illusion makes the world close in,
Enlightenment opens it on every side."

- Japanese Pilgrim's Verse.