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tuscany workshops at la meridiana

updated fri 17 jan 03


Marcia Selsor on thu 16 jan 03

I am back from an amazing trip to Armenia. Saw an ancient potters' wheel
in an excavated fortress in Yerevan actually in Ereboni.
I was gone for 3 weeks.

If anyone is interested in the
Architectural Ceramics Workshop May 23- June 7
or George McCauley's Narrative terra Cotta June 7-June 21
you can contact me via email or phone 406 259-7244.

If you are interested in Stephen Hill Apr. 27 to May 10 or Ron Meyers
Oct 12-25, contact Potters' Abroad
Jeff Shapiro June 28- July 12
Josh Deweese Sept. 30th -Oct 11 contact Archie Bray Foundation.
Other courses at La Meridiana as well as these are advertised on page
117 of Jan. Ceramics Monthly.
La Meridiana is an International Ceramics School founded by Pietro Elia
Maddalena set in a tranquil countryside of Tuscan Hills. It is equal
distance between Siena, Florence and Pisa in the heart of Tuscany.
Meals are prepared by Christina, a Tuscan Gourmet cook.

Marcia Selsor
in the snow in Montana and dreaming of warm Italy.
Tuscany in 2003