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leupp firing for clayarters in az

updated fri 17 jan 03


Katheleen Nez on thu 16 jan 03

An informal lowfire Black-on-white "pit" firing is
happening on Feb 15th out at Leupp, AZ (northeast of
Flagstaff), being hosted by Timothy Wilcox. So far it
seems there will be approx. 15 people involved,
including some archaeologists and some people from NM,
CO & UT.
It will be cold but there will be a fire to keep
people warm. He picked Feb. because it is still winter
and the 100 mph spring winds haven't started yet.
For those that don't know, Leupp was moved to higher
ground in the 50's, he thinks, because of flooding.
The site is interesting in that it was was the
location of the first boarding school there. There was
a trading post, a hospital and many other buildings.
During World War II it was converted by the government
into a Japanese American isolation camp. After all
that history much of it was torn down by the
government. There are now only a few houses standing
and a Pentecostal church. The evidence of the
community is everywhere with sidewalks and foundations
all around, as well as a mechanics pit next to my
in-laws trailer which we still use even though the
garage that covered it is long gone. We can explore
this interesting historic site while our pots are

The logistics:
1) There are no accomodations in Leupp. Winslow is 29
miles away and Flagstaff is 50 miles.
2) A small registration fee of $15 just to have some
juniper wood and sandwich fixins for lunch.
3) He was approved to get clay from the Peabody
Coalmine, near Kayenta. (I think those of you who are
not from around here may be more interested in this
part of the gathering)
4) He fires in Old Leupp which is about three miles
from the town of Leupp. There is no running water or
electricity there. (maybe we will have to rent a
porta-potty, there are however alot of tamarisks
5) For those interested in gathering it would be a
good idea to come in a truck.
For more information, contact:
Tim Wilcox
NNAD-NAU (Navajo Nation Archaeology Dept.,Northern Az
PO Box 23818 Flagstaff AZ 86002

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