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steal this post! was re: history of the "dummies" books

updated tue 14 jan 03


Ned Ludd on sun 12 jan 03

greetings, Phil :-)

>...who was it wrote "Steal this Book"?
>Huey Newton? or...?
> title...

Abbie Hoffman, I believe, who (circa late sixties) was the, or a,
founder of the Yippie Party and assorted cabals of
hallucinogen-desporting anti-establishment gadflies, principally
infuriated (who can blame them?) by the US war in Vietnam.

It might well have been Hoffman who coined the cock-a-snook motto:
Never Trust Anyone Over Thirty.

How time flies! I suppose by now it would have to be renamed the
Grumpy Party and the updated motto: Never Trust Anyone Over Seventy;
but this would be patently absurd as a good number of fine clayarters
would face imminent discrimination, which would never do!


Ned, in northern California