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year of conferences

updated sat 11 jan 03


Joyce Lee on fri 10 jan 03

There are so many great conferences taking
place 2003, both in the U. S. and abroad. I'd
dearly love to make each one ..... whatta' dream,
eh? No doubt, that would be my Dream Year.

I'll definitely be at NCECA and, if all goes well,
have high hopes of making the first ever Potters
Council regional get-together ..... I hope, I hope.
I haven't seen it mentioned much lately .. probably
because the planners are busily involved
elsewhere at the moment. Lest we forget.....
it will be in June (?) at Karen Terpestra's school
in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Karen's work, attitudes,
vim&vigor, and talent are a treat to observe. Add to that
the very much in evidence presence of His Melness,
the Mayor, and a host of other inspirations ......
well, attendance will be limited (it's a regional,
after all, and designed to be intimate so that
members can have more than the proverbial
"two minutes of conversation.")

I'm hoping we can cart in some items for the
woodfires ..... my favorite look.

Hoping to hear more soon......

In the Mojave hobblin' about with a cane..... kind
of entertaining once you get past the pain ......
would have been nice to've had it as a highschool disciplinarian ... =
getting my point across would
have been much more emphatic...... and dramatic...
Here? The critters couldn't care less...... the
westie though gives it sugar everytime she
passes ......