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books and sharing and misunderstanding

updated fri 10 jan 03


Vince Pitelka on thu 9 jan 03

> To imply not sharing with being mercenary is the worst possible
> connotation. I could say that sharing is a way to maintain control - again
> the worst connotation

Ron -
That's a little extreme. It seems that you misunderstood the content and
intent of my post, but perhaps I wasn't clear. Someone else (I do not
recall who) posted a message saying that Clayart members had agreed (in
respect to you and John) that recipes should not be shared or posted from
recently published books. I agreed that these recipes should not be posted
to Clayart, but said that anyone is perfectly free to share their books and
the recipes within, and that this is a good thing.

My intent was to say that for an author to discourage sharing recipes from
his/her book would be a little mercenary. I clearly stated that you and
John never did that, and John agreed.

I would hope that anyone who shares recipes from your book would also share
the knowledge and information to get the recipes to work well. Obviously
the recipes alone are only part of the equation. Your book is intended to
educate, and once people become educated by your book they certainly SHOULD
pass their knowledge on to others.

Your post casts a bit of a dim light on the notion of sharing and giving,
and I know that was not your intent. Sharing and giving are always a good
thing, but it is true that simply giving an object is easy and casual, and
in the end much less meaningful or effective than giving your time and

To my knowledge no one ever implied that you or John are mercenary in any
Best wishes -
- Vince

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> There are good reasons for encouraging others to obtain the knowledge
> I should also repeat - just to clarify - John and Ron are vitally
> interested in potters understanding their craft - it is our prime
> motivation for writing. If we are thought of as mercenary we cannot help
> that but it is a misunderstanding. Glazes are more than just recipes - the
> high rate of shared glazes failing is proof of that - we are trying to
> change the way potters think about glazes.