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sylvia's question gas pressure in psi or inches of water

updated wed 8 jan 03


Dave Finkelnburg on tue 7 jan 03

The "mathematical relationships you ask about is this. A pound-force
per square inch produces a pressure about equal to a column of water 27.7
inches high.
So 1/2-PSI is closer to 14-inches of Water Column, 1/4-PSI is just a
little less than 7-inches of Water Column.
Good Firing!
Dave Finkelnburg

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From: "Mondloch"
> OK... In "The Art of Firing", Nils Lou writes that 6" water column
> is the equivalent to about 1/4 (PSI). I've noticed that the 'water column
> pressure is usually used for natural gas and (PSI) for propane. I'm
> that this is because natural gas is usually a lower pressure then propane.
> There must be like a mathematical relationship to these two measurements?