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twits, tightwads and thieves careful what you steal

updated mon 6 jan 03


Alex Solla on sun 5 jan 03

After you leave the McDonalds drive through and are scarfing up two days worth of fat and calories and not bothering to count your change....think about the $6 you just spent.
Studio Potter is one of those mags that is just as useful now as the day they started. Every article is worth reading. No crappy ads. No crap. Just lots of thoughtful insightful rich articles. When you find yourself wanting more than CM or PMI, you reach for Studio Potter. Used to have Contact on that list till they went belly up. Ceramics Art and Perception should be in far more studios than it is. Same with Ceramics Technical. USEFUL the day they arrive, more essential a year or ten down the road when you finally have a genuinely TOUGH question.... and even more inspiring after you've had time to digest the immense amounts of wild stuff in there.
Save your pennies. Skip the drive through lane. Sit and read. Then go make pots like Tony always suggests. Pull handles till your right hand wont move, then lay in bed reading old Studio Potters where people like Mike Cohen and Angela Fina in the early 80s were talking about potters wheels and extruders... can you imagine our world pre- electric wheels and extruders! It's all in there.
Stealing from libraries may be wrong and immoral, and more besides, but cheating a fellow potter (all those fonts of wisdom!) is a crime.
Alex Solla
Cold Springs Studio
4088 Cold Springs Road, Trumansburg, NY 14886
A library employee by day, a rogue potter by nightfall.

martin schiller wrote:a msg from clennell@VAXXINE.COM on 1/4/03 1:01 PM included ...

>The tightwad is the person that never buys their own, just always borrows
>yours. You still lose, but more often. Cheap people (tightwads) are the ones
>i find the most objectionable.

I was just going to ask for someone to describe the features that make a
bourry-box kiln unique. I had done a google on 'bourry box' and found a
magazine called 'Studio Potter'. They wanted $6 for an issue that
contained an article about the b-box.

What to do - what to do... ;->

How much was 'contact' and when?


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