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updated sun 5 jan 03


Nancy Guido on sat 4 jan 03

Just before Christmas I wandered into a Bargain Books store nearby (on
Farmington Road and Grand River in Farmington, MI) and found a great deal on
books. This is what I bought The Ceramic Spectrum by Robin Hopper (second
edition) $14.99 and The Potter's Directory of Shape and Form by Neal French
$7.99. Then I went to a Bargain Books store in Westland, MI on Warren Ave.
and bought What Every Potter Should Know by Jeff Zamek $9.99, Mold Making for
Ceramics by Donald Frith $12.99, and the Illustrated Dictionary of Practical
Pottery by Robert Fournier $14.99.

There were a lot more books on pottery and ceramics that only a potter could
appreciate. If you live in the area, or have a Bargain Books store near you,
I'd go check it out.

Nancy G.
p.s. I have no involvement in Bargain Books (other than a selfish shopper
just before Christmas!) and I was told that they close up shop after a few