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what's the function of whiting in a ^05 glaze? correction!

updated sat 4 jan 03


Russel Fouts on fri 3 jan 03

Sorry, I meant only 2% below, not 4.

Thanks Tom,

That was my suspicion. Tony's site lists it as a filler for low temp
bodies but says nothing about low temp glazes. The CaO is only 4%. The
other opacifier is Zircopax at 11%. Would the opacifying effect be much
different with the CaO left out?


Tom Buck wrote:
> yes, Russ, at C07/05 range the CaO (from whiting at high temp, complete
> before 1000 oC) doesn't function as a flux oxide, but as a "filler" or
> opacifier. Eppler, a glaze expert in industry for 30 years, says CaO
> doesn't begin to act as flux until Cone 01/1.
> and Happy New Year to you. peace Tom
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