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fwd: big sculpture/small shelves-help!

updated wed 1 jan 03


Hank Murrow on mon 30 dec 02

> On Monday, December 30, 2002, at 10:23 AM, e wilson farrington wrote:
>> Dear ClayArters,
>> I remember all the discussion a while back about techniques for
>> firing large platters, etc, that involved different types of clay
>> patties, coils, etc. to aid with the movement of the clay during
>> firing. I know you're not supposed to fire large items across two
>> kilns shelves; so my problem is this: I have large sculptures that
>> measure about 22" wide X 31" long at the base. They are hollow and the
>> base is open in that there is no bottom, just the bottom edges of the
>> walls like an upside-down pot. My electric kiln will accommodate them,
>> but I can't find a shelf big enough to keep the pieces from spanning
>> at least two shelves. I understand I may be able to order a very large
>> shelf, ($$$$ and prone to cracking, not to mention heavy).
>> Unfortunately I did not think this far ahead while I was into making
>> the pieces. (I do that a lot- those creative juices get going and
>> reality be damned...) So, any suggestions? I was thinking about some
>> combination of clay patties, coils stuffed between the shelves...hell,
>> I don't know. HELP!!!
>> Thanks!--Willie
> Dear Wilson;
> Why don't you use strips of fiber Under the piece and on top of
> the existing
> shelves? I do this when size constraints require it.
> Best, Hank in Eugene (soon to San Diego!)
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