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glaze hydrometers.

updated tue 31 dec 02


Martin Howard on mon 30 dec 02

For those in the UK, this is an easy method of creating a hydrometer.
Get a specimen bottle from the chemist.
Cut off the plastic ring which enables the bottle to sit vertically. This
leaves a cone shape bottom to the bottle.
Find a really large screw, just less than the diameter of the bottle.
Cut four or five rings off it.
Place the cut off part in the bottle.
Pour in a little melted wax.
Screw top back on.
Calibrate to your own needs. i.e. mark where your really good glaze or slip
comes to and use that level each time. Got several different ones? so mark
with different colours.
So, it might not be really accurate for the most fussy of us,
but it will not break when you drop it on the floor or tread on it
(as I have done to three bought, glass ones!)
It will be at least as good as the hand and finger method!

Martin Howard
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Updated 8th December 2002