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updated tue 31 dec 02


Von Allen on mon 30 dec 02

Thanks to everyone for the great info on glaze hydrometers.Some of my =
students plan to make their own instrument. Vince, we are in fact =
creating your terra sig recipe , so you started all this.=20

Thank you Edouard for your information. I have told students for many =
years that the ordinary oxides we deal with in the studio, when =
suspended in water do not penetrate healthy skin. Every now and then a =
kind of panic ensues when someone makes an assertion to the contrary. =20
The nicotine and hormone patches that Lily mentions work precisely =
because of the presence of DMSO or MSM that transport the chemicals thru =
the skin and are their key ingredient. These are very remarkable =
molecules that know no barriers and pass with ease thru cell cytoplasm =
and cell membranes. Our skin is amazing.!