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my thought on higher education part 2

updated sat 28 dec 02


Steve Dalton on fri 27 dec 02

on 12/22/02 5:16 PM, Vince Pitelka at vpitelka@WORLDNET.ATT.NET wrote:

> Higher
> education can enrich and enhance everything you do in your life for the rest
> of your life. How can you put a price on that?


Yes, I agree with you. Higher Education can enrich one's life in not just
education but with who they are. If they so choose that path.

I've also read Earl Brunner's message as well. Since I was about five or
so, My mother taught me what she knew about art. She has a BFA and a degree
in teaching. My Uncle taught me everything he knew as well. He also has a
BFA in art. I can keep going but I'm not. I don't want to bore you guys.
And, I'm not using what I've been taught as an excuse either.

There are those that should go and get a higher education, maybe I will when
I feel the time is right. Maybe when I'm 80 or so. At this moment though,
I feel it's not needed. Who knows, I might even decide to go get it when
I'm 70.

Happy New Year everyone,
Steve Dalton
Clear Creek Pottery
Snohomish, Wa