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chappell's sg-7

updated sat 28 dec 02


Alisa Liskin Clausen on fri 27 dec 02

I found this glaze to be very much like Charles described, a Vellum.
It did not distort the underglaze colors, but it did distort the Chrome =
to a beige pink. =20

I have been searching for this glaze effect for quite a while as well. =
had been using R and J's Zinc semimatte/glossy base, but again, with =
Chrome results. It also settles hard but with Epsom salts it is better.

However, now I am testing R and J's High Calcium semimatte bases 1 and 2 =
opacifiers. I will post the results when I fire.

In-between, I have glazed my dishes with oxides with Tony Hansen's
20 x 5 with 8 percent Zircopax, and I am not sure I need to look =
This amount of opacifier in this otherwise clear gloss,
gives a soft, semi gloss glaze that is very well integrated with the=20
clay's surface. It is more of a sheen than a glossy cover. I use it =
thinner than a "normal" consistency. The oxides retain the edges
they were given without any bleeding. The underglazes remain true to =
color and
the oxides, especially the cobalt, are slightly toned down, giving a =
soft but not clouded, effect.
Overall, a nice effect for the work I am making.

Regards from Alisa in Denmark.