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coming to maryland

updated tue 24 dec 02


e wilson farrington on mon 23 dec 02

In Baltimore proper, in the Mt. Washington area, resides Baltimore =
Clayworks. They hold workshops, classes, have a clay gallery and also =
provide studio space for a few resident potters. I looked into it at one =
point at it was something like $150-200 per month to share the space and =
as a resident artist, you'd have to be on the premises at least 20 hours =
per week. They have several kilns and as a resident you are able to =
participate in their yearly show. Of course there are probably many =
people applying for these positions, but who knows? There also might be =
some teaching available. There is also a clay supply store connected =
with it called Baltimore Clayworks Supply. Both can easily be found on =
the net. Feel free to email me off-list as I live about 45 minutes from =
Baltimore and I am considering a move there myself in the next 1-2 =
years. Best of Luck! --Willie