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good tile book

updated sat 21 dec 02


Stephani Stephenson on thu 19 dec 02

I was SOOOOO pleasantly surprised to receive a book today
mailed to me by a friend who works at a bookstore in Florida

It is
The Tile: making , designing and using
by Kenneth Clark MBE
published in 2002 by
Crowood Press Ltd
Ramsbury, Marlborough
Wiltshire SN8 2HR
(Great Britain)

Distributed in U.S> by Trafalgar Square
N. Pomfret, Vt 05053
ISBN 1-86126-487-9

This book is truly inspiring.... there is useful information on making
tile, glazes etc. but inspiration comes from the many many photos of
excellent contemporary studio tile being made, with sources primarily
from Great Britain.
there are some beautiful murals and some fabulous individual tiles.
If you tend to pooh pooh the artistry and skill involved , especially in
glazing and designing of tile... this may change your mind.

Clark starts out by relaying the story of a well known craft magazine
editor saying to him" Of course tiles are really a fringe activity
aren't they?"
having spent 40 years in tile design, he hopes this book will dispel the
sentiment expressed by the editor. And I think he does!
there are a few chapters on history....bringing the reader up to the
current time.

American ceramists and tilemakers will find many new names and photos ,
though perhaps the names are familiar already to Brits.
The quality of work presented in this book is very high and covers a
number of approaches to making and glazing tile, as well as some
sumptuous photos of installations.

Clark has a chapter on Design and designers... I especially like a
definition he gives of design:

"Professionalism in design is experience based on training, acquired
skills and creativity plus technical know how"

Kenneth Clark was born in New Zealand but has lived and worked in
England since the 1940s. He has been involved with ceramics for over
fifty years.

The friend who sent this to me works at a Borders bookstore, so
evidently they carry it.

What a nice way to spend the evening. cozy with a new book,,,.. waiting
for a major storm to blow onshore tonight: wind, waves, rain and tides
will combine forces, just in time for rush hour tomorrow, so they say!
neighbors to the north already soaked. I'll go watch the heavy seas a
bit in the morning, let the others slide and slug it out on the

Stephani Stephenson
Carlsbad CA