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crystal glaze in reduction? (iandol's post)

updated sat 21 dec 02


John Weber on fri 20 dec 02

Iandol, I am about to test some copper red crystal glazes and caught your
post. Are you recommending not to reduce a glaze until I reach the cooling
cycle? I am going to fire to cone 10 the following copper red glaze. I was
planning on reducing the atmosphere in a typical copper red firing type
schedule (reduce at Cone 010 fairly heavy and then back off to neutral to
slight reduction on to cone 10). I was then going to crash cool to 2000 and
then soak for several hours. The cooling cycle and soak were going to be in

It sounds like you are suggesting I would be more likely to succeed by
keeping the kiln in oxidation or neutral through cone 10, then on cooling
put it into reduction and keep it there while soaking. Am I reading too much
into your comments? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, John Weber