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schools - now kalamazoo!

updated fri 20 dec 02


Philip Poburka on thu 19 dec 02

Was 'Checker Cab' not known as...'The Pride of Kalamazoo'?

I moved hell and hi-water in 1968 to talk my parents into
ordering one from the Factory. I did not think then nor
since, that a better new Car could be found anywhere.
(Ultimately some wretched second hand 'rambler' stationwagon
prevailed as the 'sugarplum' which danced in their pointy
little heads...)

The Factory rep was very informative and they sent me tons
of Literature and brochures as illustrated various
'packages' and options.

Are they still at it?




Las Vegas

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From: "Gail Dapogny"
Sent: Thursday, December 19, 2002 12:44 PM
Subject: Re: schools

Now, Diane, you're beginning to hurt some feelings!! Lots
of times, I
think that snobbery is a popular notion that is perpetuated
until it
becomes "reality". We love our university, but we also
think Kalamazoo is
a great town.
incidentally, Kira also said the following (for those
>"Being at Michigan is amazing - the access I have had to
professors in other
>departments, the grants available, everything. I grew up
in Kalamazoo, and
>U of M was always THE place to be - now I know why! "


>You go girl. Kick the U of M snobbery
>for me in the rear!!!
>Diane Born in kalamazoo

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