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functional vs. non-functional ratio

updated fri 20 dec 02


Dana L Henson on thu 19 dec 02

>"...Depending on who is asking and where you are submitting
>information. It does not pay to confuse institutions, administrators,
>galleries or the public."

Hi Janet,

Just another point of view on this statement. In my experience it is
often the other way around. The institutions, administrators, galleries
and public confuse the artist ! Personally I am not particularly
inspired to make work with the notion that it must fall into a particular
category. In addition, what is functional for one person may not be
functional for another.

I do make a distinction between the functional and non-functional
aspects only to create a point of reference for those interested in my
work. I prefer being referred to as a clay artist but without exception
the question of whether I produce functional or non-functional work

A similar question surfaces for the painter. Do you produce abstract or
representational work? Can it be said that one style is more functional
than another? And so on...

Oh well, back to work...

Dana Henson-Flemming
Artful - Functional and Sculptural Clay Works
Albuquerque, New Mexico