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fully "functional" performance

updated fri 20 dec 02


John Norris on wed 18 dec 02

Funny these threads would come up...

Currently, I am doing a performance art piece "Convergence" about a conc=
(functional or nonfunctional?) ceramic sculpture.

Plus, I am giving both away for FREE...

What's the point of this sort of stuff? Give you all something to commen=
on. Expand folk's concept of what is possible. Poke a little fun at Art.=

Realize it speaks a truth.

Just so you won't have to wade through 2 months of web logging (I'd love
it if you would) here is a bit of an explanation:

I am exploring how information external to a work of art effects its mean=

Information such as an Artist Statement, Museum Label, or Certificate of
Authenticity allows one to explain, and I'd also say append, meanings to
a piece.

This type of information on a T-shirt can identify the wearer's actions
as belonging to a performance art piece.

This type of information near a found object may identify it as an object=

of art.

When this type of information references a web site it allows one to chan=
the meaning.

The "Convergence" T-shirt's Information on the web refers to the wearer
as someone in the process of creating the "Finality of Meaning" ceramic

...I've also been known to throw mugs!



Art, Information, and Ceramics.