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conceptual art - ('boxes' with the word 'fear' writ uponthem...)

updated fri 20 dec 02


Fabienne Cassman on thu 19 dec 02

At the risk of being annoying:

Is this statement from experience or based on the sensationalized (to be polite) news the media feeds the population? These folks have a tough job and they have to make a call. Like any other institution, there are sensible and not so sensible people in it, but then again, what's sensible?

I think the student should have worked something out with the authorities. It is not unheard of for cities to require permits for such public "displays."

My 2 cents,


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>Many 'police' may be observed, especially federal ones, to
>exceed even their former 'standards' of ability, insight,
>effectiveness and discernment.


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