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vince pitelka workshop, 5/03

updated tue 17 dec 02


L. P. Skeen on mon 16 dec 02

Living Tree Pottery will host Vince Pitelka for his Ancient Clay =
workshop the week of May 12 - 16 2003. You can read more about the =
workshop at Vince's website =

Here is a short description, which I scarfed from Vince's workshop site:

Workshop Description - This workshop gives beginning and =
experienced clay-workers the opportunity to investigate the techniques =
and aesthetics of ancient and tribal ceramics. We will focus on simple =
vessel construction using pinch and coil methods, exploring the broad =
diversity of handbuilt form and the range of decorative effects possible =
without the use of glazes. Numerous slide shows will cover the history =
of ancient and tribal clay.=20

The work we make will be coated with terra sigillata and finished with =
ancient and tribal burnishing and polishing techniques. Traditionally, =
tribal pottery is fired in a single bonfiring, but this is only possible =
with a very coarse clay body and a long slow bonfiring. To allow a quick =
bonfiring and to minimize losses, our wares will be pre-fired in a very =
low-temperature bisque-fire, and transferred from bisque to bonfire =
while still warm. The bonfire will be a classic blackware firing, =
similar to that practiced by Native American potters of the American =
Southwest and other cultures through history.

Cost for the workshop is $190/person plus a small clay fee and $7.50/day =
for lunches. There is a B&B nearby which offers my participants a =
discount, and motels are nearby as well. If you have a self-contained =
motor home, you can park beside the studio all week. :)

There are only 6 spaces left in this workshop. To register, call the =
studio Thursday afternoon after 3pm 336-644-2768 or any time on Fridays. =
I will soon be putting up a means of paying for workshops online on my =
website! :)



L. P. Skeen
Living Tree Pottery, Summerfield, NC
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