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art school ???

updated fri 13 dec 02


Dean Walker on thu 12 dec 02

Be sure to check out the teacher and see what they are really going to
offer you for your money. I made the mistake of going to the local
University and mostly all I got was a bunch of "artspeak" and an ear full of
the guy's political and agnostic views. I didn't see the man put his hand
in the clay once. He showed us slides of his work. Some of it was almost
original. Most of it was a rehash of genitalia in various situations. It
was intended to be shocking, I suppose. The bottom line is, in some schools,
if it isn't political, anti-religious, or sexual, it isn't ART. These things
have been so overdone since the late 60's and earlier, that it has become
just plain boring and intellectually lazy. You could end up wasting money
and time on an instructor that has no intention of sharing any concrete

San Antonio, TX.