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arti and money and artists and like that,.

updated thu 12 dec 02


Lily Krakowski on wed 11 dec 02

If I may drop a suggestion on your feet, Arti, do pay attention to what
people actually write. Ok?

What I said was that art--the quality of, the value of, the longevity of,
the transcendence of--has nothing to do with money. It has nothing to do
with how well the artist lives, it has nothing to do what was paid for the
item, it has to do entirely with "la chose en soit".

The thread was a long one on whether people who only pot part time, or come
to clay after a career in something else, are or are not the same as those
who support themselves with clay entirely and only.

My serious question was/is that while money applies to craftsmen where the
marketing is as much a part of the construct, as students are to teachers,
should it apply to those who consider themselves artists. I pointed out as
I recall that some great artists were rich, and some were starving poor.
Has this affected what we think of their work?

Personally I do not care how much artists or anyone else makes. It is
totally irrelevant to my evaluation of their work. In publishing the huge
bestseller advances go to people whose books I would not read. The books I
do read earned teensy advances and are remainders p.d.q.

And I would recommend a book I am just reading: The Counter Arts
Conspiracy, by Morris Eaves, Cornell UP as close to this topic.

I have protested the use of disgusting street-urchin language before and
your implication that I "crap on people's heads" not only credits me with an
agility I lack, but with a coarseness and vulgarity I abhor. I have never,
and never will, deride people I just happen to disagree with...

I apologize that my laptop goes for repair tomorrow afternoon...

Lili Krakowski
P.O. Box #1
Constableville, N.Y.
(315) 942-5916/ 397-2389

Be of good courage....

Elca Branman on wed 11 dec 02

On Wed, 11 Dec 2002 13:23:18 -0500 Lily Krakowski
> If I may drop a suggestion on your feet, Arti, do pay attention to that
people actually write. Ok?.........


Artimator doesn't pay attention; he is only interested in receiving

Elca Branman,in Sarasota Florida

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