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summer 2003 workshops at app. ctr. for craft

updated tue 10 dec 02


vince pitelka on mon 9 dec 02

Here is the low-down on the Summer 2003 Clay Workshops at the Appalachian
Center for Craft. As many of you know, we put out a nice glossy workshop
brochure with lots of pictures and complete information. If you are not
already on the mailing list, please email our secretary Erika Smart at and request that you be put on the summer brochure mailing
list. Please DO NOT email me to be put on this mailing list, because I am
not involved in that process.

These are all five-day workshops - arrive Sunday afternoon and leave Friday
afternoon. We have excellent food service with three meals per day. Room
(in comfortable condo-style housing) and board costs about $250. If you
have priced workshops around the country, you know what an excellent deal
our workshops are. Our facility is one of the finest of its kind in the
country, located in a spectacular natural wilderness setting. If you want
to see pictures of the Craft Center and the clay studios, go to my website
at and go to the "ACC Clay" page. From my
website you can easily navigate to the Craft Center website or the TTU

If you have questions about specific workshops, email our workshop and
events coordinator Gail Dost at If you have questions
about the clay program or clay facilities at the Craft Center, email me.
- Vince

Summer 2003 Workshops at the Appalachian Center for Craft
June 2 - June 6
Salt & Soda Firing
Jason Briggs & Meagan Kieffer $260
This workshop is designed to demonstrate the effects of both soda and salt
firing. Students will make pots and glaze them and will load and fire at
least two kilns-one with a heavy salt surface, another with a lighter,
flashing surface. Students will leave with a greater understanding of the
possibilities that soda and salt firing can offer. Intermediate-Advanced;
students should bring 10 pre-bisqued pots

June 9 - June 13
Form & Surface with Majolica
Linda Arbuckle $300 (includes Mason stains)
During this workshop low-fire red clay with majolica glaze decoration will
be the vehicle to explore pottery form and surface relationships. Students
will research expressive personal surfaces and the use of color through
developing work in a series. Working in a series of similar forms gives the
artist the opportunity to do in-depth comparisons of alternate design
choices and provides a basis for interesting conversations about form and
surface. Discussions will include majolica glaze practice and making and
using terra sigillata. The instructor will demonstrate throwing and
altering thrown forms, as well as majolica glazing. While the materials
used in this class are low-fire, the design information, research and
discussions will be helpful to clay artists working at any temperature.

June 16 - June 20
Difficult, Beautiful, Obstinate Bodies: How to tame them
Louis Katz $260
This workshop will focus on clay bodies as an expressive element. A variety
of techniques relating to using unconventional bodies will be taught
including: throwing with gravel in the clay, mastering short bodies, Thai
coiling techniques and increasing throwing speed. Appropriate drying and
firing techniques will be discussed and demonstrated. Intermediate-Advanced

June 16 - June 20
Large Scale Clay
Rebecca Hutchinson $260
This workshop will explore methodologies in building large-scale works.
Participants will be encouraged to explore personal imagery and individual
conceptual directions. Demonstrations will include internal and external
support structures, using paperclay, grog, fiber and various methods in
surfacing and firing. Intermediate-Advanced; Materials fee $5.00, payable
to instructor

June 23 - June 27
Designing Wares for the Tabletop
Jonathan Kaplan $275
This workshop will focus on developing design vocabulary and "left-brain"
skills to assist the potter in creating superior tableware using wheel
throwing, slab construction and plaster-working techniques. Simple
mechanical drawing methods, as well as CAD software, will be employed in
developing design options. Jiggering, RAM pressing and slip casting will
also be discussed. Slide presentations will cover tableware designs and
technical processes and extensive handouts will be provided. The workshop
is open to anyone wishing to increase technical skill and design awareness.
All skill levels

July 7 - July 11
Wheel Thrown, Altered & Assembled Teaware
Anne Fallis Elliott $260
During this hands-on workshop the class will work as a group throwing and
assembling teaware. Through the instructor's demonstrations and their own
work, participants will learn that many related shapes can evolve from a few
thrown pieces. Participants will leave with teapots, cups, trays, baskets,
lidded jars and butter dishes. Beginning-Intermediate

A Taste of Clay: Handbuilding
Debbie Kupinsky $260
This workshop will introduce the participants to the basic techniques and
processes of handbuilding including coiling, pinching and slabs. Students
will use these techniques to create either pottery or sculpture as they
learn the possibilities and limitations of the material. Demonstrations
will also include decorative techniques, figurative modeling and glazing
techniques. Students will be able to follow their work from a wet lump of
clay to a finished and fired piece by the end of the workshop. Beginning

July 14 - July 18
Expressive Choices in Functional Pots
Ellen Shankin $270
During this workshop the instructor will help students to answer the
question, "What makes a good and expressive pot?" Students will learn the
vocabulary of functional pottery and the many methods and techniques used to
alter thrown pots. Great attention will be paid to detail: rim, foot,
handle, surface and balance. Students will learn how these details affect
the character and essence of the finished pot. Though all dried pieces can
be bisque fired, this class may be looked at as a wonderful opportunity to
explore form without holding on to the idea of a finished pot.

July 21 - July 25
Innovative Thrown and Handbuilt Clay
Lana Wilson & Leah Leitson $280
Students in this workshop will work in a creative and adventurous atmosphere
while learning all about thrown and altered ware and slab building. The
instructors will treat students to demonstrations of innovative thrown and
altered work, as well as soft slab construction. With this background,
students will be able to construct bowls, vases, cups and saucers, handles,
teapots, bas-relief tile and a box with a workable drawer and door.
Students will also learn to use combs and stamps to lend texture to their
pieces. Intermediate-Advanced

July 28 - August 1
The Art and Utility of Pinch Pots
Michael Imes $260
During this class participants will learn pinch and coil techniques and
explore a variety of traditional and non-traditional vessel forms. Students
will also experience techniques that will spark their creativity. Classes
will include demonstrations, opening exercises, stories, collaborative
work/play and slide shows. All skill levels

Raku & Sagger Firing
Debbie Kupinsky $260
This workshop will explore Raku and Sagger firing techniques. Students will
throw or handbuild pieces for later firings, but are encouraged to bring a
few pieces of bisque ware with them. Demos and instruction will be given on
building large vase forms with thrown parts, as well as on lidded vessels,
masks and glazing techniques. Intermediate-Advanced

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