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updated mon 9 dec 02


Elizabeth Herod on sun 8 dec 02

I put 9 pots into our Holiday show. I sold three. One of them I really
detested, but someone bought it.

Meanwhile, I had 24 great photographs and 8 prints that did not sell.
Bizarre. However, all of that matting helped to create great gifts for

Sometimes, you just have to say, =B3go figure=B2.

The upside of the weekend was a friend of mine gave me a Malcolm Davis vase=
I went over to NJ today to see the OCCC show to buy a teapot of his for one
of our teachers and bought another small piece that is sitting in between m=
keyboard and monitor. About every 15 minutes, I pick it up and fondle it.
I look at its color and the wax resist design. I=B9m in love with this

Talk about passion for clay. :)

Oh, and the other two pieces that sold, one raku, thrown and altered
porcelain, the other, hand built stoneware, heavy texture. Each piece
completely different, priced from $20 -$65. Go figure.