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phil's/bison tools

updated mon 9 dec 02


Joyce Lee on sun 8 dec 02

Phil ...... posts are not getting through
..... my server or yours?=20
I want all three of the tools, please ..... they are as
perfect for what I'm presently doing
as the previous ones are. NOBODY
is allowed to touch my Bisons. Beautiful.
Worth every penny. Please bill me.

In the Mojave appreciative of Hank's
reference "I have felt the swaying of
the elephant's shoulder ..... and now
you want me to climb on a jackass?"
Knowing, though, that unless we've
experienced the ride in freedom, we
may not recognize which is the jackass
and which is the elephant ...... nor
see that climbing up on that elephant=20
is a lot more work, much more difficult,
than swingin' onto the back of jackass.....
however, here in the desert where jackasses (well, burros) abound, =
sometimes that's the best ride we can
get ...... unless we're willin' to walk.......
speakin' as one who owns an empty