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between making handles and disease

updated mon 9 dec 02


Cesar Augusto Montilla Jelambi on sun 8 dec 02

Dear Martin, could you finally find a conscious solution to this problem. I
mean, to this disease?

>From: Martin Howard
>Reply-To: No title defined
>Subject: Making Handles
>Date: Sat, 7 Dec 2002 21:26:02 -0000
>Ned rightly suggests >for our Martin Howard! >
>Urine is/was also used for Mochaware. Why? Because it is slightly acidic.
>Spit is similar, so tobacco juice spat out into wet slip caused the effect.
>To see a list of the ingredients of urine have a look at my web site after
>this weekend. Just add /golden_fountain.htm after
>but wait until Sunday evening:-)
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