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even handles/mary

updated sun 8 dec 02


Marcia Selsor on sat 7 dec 02

Have you reversed the sides you pull from? Or have you tried pulling a
long strap handle by reversing the length (upside down).
I pull long handle for teapots. I pull long even handles for casseroles
and mugs. For the mugs, I cut the even handles into 1 1/2"-2" lengths,
stick them on the pot and pull the taper from there.
My studio mate in college apprenticed with Byron Temple. He taught me
the mug method mentioned above.
Marcia in Montana

Mary White wrote:
> I can pull a reasonable mug handle, tapered from top to bottom, but
> I have trouble pulling an untapered handle, even just a short one
> for, say, the sides of a casserole dish. No matter what I do they
> come out thicker at one end than the other even though the ends are
> only 3 inches apart. Is there a trick to this?
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Mary
> on the wet west coast of British Columbia
Tuscany in 2003