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updraft kilns and reduction

updated sun 8 dec 02


Chris . on fri 6 dec 02

I've never fired an updraft kiln and I have to on Sunday.  I would appriciate any tips or tricks on getting a good reduction.


Chris Foxwell

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Karen Sullivan on sat 7 dec 02


Firing updraft kilns is a cake walk...
about red heat is when you will notice the

Watch the flame coming out of the peep holes....
There should be pressure pushing out from the top
you should see a flame...

The bottom peep should draw air into the kiln...
or slight pressure...the result a flickering flame
or a flame that jumps in and out of the peep.

If you can't see the flame...hold a burning piece
of paper in front of the peep hole...and you will
see the different drafts the, flame pushes out
or is drawn into the peep hole.

That is how you set the kiln to neutral.
The setting is done with the damper...
most kilns have a sensitive reaction to the
placement of the damper...and it may need
adjustment throughout the check often.

From that you then decide when you want to reduce...
just push the damper in a bit and you can judge
the reduction by the smell, the flame, billowing
smoke...whatever you have used in the past.

Good luck
bamboo karen