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hobby vs. making a living

updated sat 7 dec 02


Gail Dapogny on fri 6 dec 02

You put that so well, Bob, and I'm sure it fits many or most of us.

And to answer Cheryl's "Out of our 3,000 members on this list, does only a
handful support themselves...and does that make most of the list nothing
but hobby potters...?" ----I have never heard that "hobby" and "making
less than a living wage" are synonymous. I think there are very few
dabblers on this list.

Moreover, I'd be willing to bet that three quarters of the world's artists
of all kinds -- visual, musical, theatrical, etc. ---do not support
themselves solely by producing their art.
----Gail in Ann Arbor

Bob Pulley said:
>Everybody has to find his or her own combination, full time with
poverty, full time with good marketing, teaching, well employed spouse,
big inheritance, etc. There was once a show in Indiana called "Making
It". Turns out many of those who were "making it" had spouses who were
making it better.
...Also I have never liked the term "hobbyist" applied to my work.
I have always felt hobbyist implies a certain frivolity and
frittering away of time in an enjoyable but less meaningful part of
one's life than say a job. I work too hard at it, I take it too seriously.
My clay work
is as deeply a part of my spiritual life as any other part of my life.

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