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$5000 a year?

updated sat 7 dec 02


RPeckham@COOKSONELECTRONICS.COM on fri 6 dec 02

Give me a break. For a working potter $5000 a year? I don't mean people
like me doing it part time, or people with a crappy work ethic, or people
fresh out of school. I mean real potters with a developed following, and
about ten years production experience.

I find it hard to believe that that average is $5000. How the hell could
anybody do this full time in the US, and why would anybody spend $100,000
plus for a degree.

If you calculate all the people doing pottery, I would be surprised to see
the average annual salary even in the positive range. I know far more
people who pay large amounts of money annually just for the privilege of
making pots, than people who make pots for selling.

I believe $50,000 may be high, but $5000 for a hard working actual potter
seems very low.