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updated wed 27 nov 02


Bill Edwards on tue 26 nov 02


Retail and wholesale can be tricky but after owning
another business in the past that had to run off that
aspect of pricing, I still stick with the old set of
rules for my own pricing.

I price my own product retail or suggested retail. I
try to make it competitive as best as I can.(Watch the
market) I sell wholesale at 50% off the retail. They
have an option to make changes to the retail with
emphasis on the retail I place it at. That rate does
not stop them from going over or under but it does
stop them from coming back and pitching a fit with me
should someone else price higher. It was the only fair
way for me to work this out and I cannot see anyone
doubling the rate in a competitive sales arena. If so,
thats their own problem regardless of their over-head.
If they can sell my product for 2-3 times the value I
placed it at then they don't need to argue with me
over pricing or what someone else is doing since I am
producing and selling equally to all. Its wonderful to
have galleries that pay on time and good sources for
your work but the potter is in business and must work
out a way that includes as many of their customers as
possible and at rates that reflect the majority of
their needs. I have seen many mails on this subject
and am open minded to an answer but the above has
worked well in the interim.

William Edwards


Bill Edwards
PO Box 267
Lafayette, AL, 36862

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