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updated fri 29 nov 02


Helen Bates on thu 28 nov 02

Trax Gallery

Hi Mike,

You made a couple of interesting points, so I hope you don't mind my
cc'ing this to Clayart. Carolyn will perhaps see it as well, as another
Clayarter forwards some of the Clayart posts to her.

If you scroll down to the link "Changes" (last link on the bottom of the
page, (see url below) there's some text with the link for contacting
Carolyn by e-mail. It is her current address, which I don't mind
giving, because a web search for "Napa Valley College Ceramics' gives
several hits to the college and even to her own pages.

I see that Carolyn intended to give the dimensions with the
enlargements, but didn't get around to it. I think she may not now have
time to continue working on the site very often, as she is planning to
travel to Antarctica after finishing her last class of teaching.

I didn't include it, but of course the Napa Valley CC has its own web
site. The following is its contact page. If that shouldn't happen to
work, just cut and paste the first part (up to the first single slash)
and enter that in your browser location window.

Scott Parady's e-mail isn't available at either site, in case you wanted
to contact him, as the college's directory isn't online just at the
moment, but you can reach the campus main offices by normal surface mail
or by phone, or you can send an e-mail message to the web master from
the link at the bottom of the page.



PS: Happy Thanksgiving... (I had mine in mid-Oct of course, being

PPS: Trax Gallery is a functional ceramic gallery representing many
nationally known potters, Its web site is
. The links are in small type in the upper
left hand corner of the page. Click on "Artists." You will find a few
of Scott's vessels, large and small here, and their dimensions, but none
of the sculptural pieces that are on the Carolyn Broadwell site, I
assume because Trax handles only "functional" ceramics (however they
define it)!

Mike Gordon wrote:
> Hi Helen,
> Happy Thanksgiving! I enjoyed the N.VC. site but found there were no
> titles or dimensions for Scott Parady"s work. I saw his pots at the Trax
> Gallery recently but am interested in his sculptural forms. Is there an
> E-Mail address for the college?Or Carolyn Broadwell? Thanks Mike Gordon

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