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juror needed

updated thu 5 dec 02


Penni Stoddart on tue 3 dec 02

The juror we had hoped to jury our bi-ennial exhibition for 2003 can't do
it. So I offered to ask here on Clayart.
Is (or can) anyone going to be around the Ontario - specifically London -
area at the begining of February??
A big name would be great - but we are a humble guild and will take anyone
with some real clay experience. I believe that there is a stipend involved
and of course we will pay for travel and lodging (or better yet put you up
in one of our homes).
You can e-mial me off list at

Thanks all.

=o) =o) =o) =o) =o) =o) =o) =o) =o)
Penni Stoddart
Penelope's Pots
Past President for
Artisans London (Ont. Canada)

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