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i did not come to bury caesar but to praise him (was brits, books,

updated thu 5 dec 02


Hendrix, Taylor J. on wed 4 dec 02

celebrity etc)

Yea Lily,

And some of those British books are even written in American!

No, seriously. I think we need to initiate a code, known only to =
Let's make "Oh that book? It's pretty good." stand for "Smashing
good book, y'all. Read it." That way our cousins across the briny
can retain a modicum of modesty while giving us pushy Americans
what we want.

As for me, I'm still a little miffed about Henry James even though we =
get Audin in tradezies.

If anyone would like a good pottery/art book (not a how to), take a look =
_The Invisible Core: A Potter's Life and Thoughts_ by Marguerite =
Talk about transplants! She was one of the first craftsmen out of the =
How fortune's star shone on America when she landed here. She has some =
interesting things to say. See especially her chapter "The Pursuit of =
in Art Education." I'm almost frightened to hear what Vince has to
say about some of the things in that chapter.

That book? It's pretty good.

Taylor, in Waco, gettin' ready for a joint pottery sale with my teacher =
this weekend.

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...Nevertheless while I think blowing one's own horn as disagreable here =
there, I do think our British UK members could DO US ALL A FAVOR by =
us about British books. ...