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grid method workshops - spring 2003 us tour

updated wed 4 dec 02


Ian Currie on tue 3 dec 02


There are still about 3 slots left in my itinerary for the Spring 2003
US tour. If you would like to have one of my workshops in your area,
e-mail me directly at:

Please do NOT choose a reply to this e-mail as that will send it to
Clayart, and I will probably not see it as I have to sign off for 10
days starting tomorrow.

The workshops are a 2-day event where I demonstrate the grid method for
discovering and understanding glazes. The first day is mostly making
several sets of glazes and applying them, with a firing overnight.
Second day is mainly filling in the details with lectures and slides,
and assessment of the results of the firing.

So if you are interested please let me know. All I need at this stage
is an organizer with e-mail, and a venue. We can take it from there.