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glaze safey question

updated sun 1 dec 02


Marianne Lombardo on sat 30 nov 02

I have a question that I'm hoping some of the glaze experts can answer,
regarding safety and usage of some pots with two or more glazes layered. In
particular, large bowls that are made for fruit bowls, and pitchers. These
glazes contain nothing harmful in the way of materials and the colors are
from rutile and red iron oxide. But the issue is not leaching problems, in
any case.

These pots do have a food safe glaze on the complete inside of the pot,
which is Bone, from Mastering Glazes. The clay is meant for ^6 and is fully
fired (Tuckers Mid-Cal cone 6 clay).

On the outside of a pot there are rounded-over smooth "craters" in the
glossy overglaze with the bottom glaze in the hole of the crater (no clay
showing). There is no crazing, crawling, or shivering anywhere. Only these
bubbles caused I believe from outgassing from the whiting.

The bubbles/craters actually add to the visual appeal of the pot and look
good with this particular glaze combination.

Is there any reason for me to consider these pots "unsafe", because of the
bubbles, even if someone did decide to use them for serving food? I really
need some answers to this question and hoping someone can help.


Marianne Lombardo
Omemee, Ontario, Canada