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eternal urgency. was death and taxes

updated thu 28 nov 02


Jeremy McLeod on wed 27 nov 02

> Jeffrey Francis Longtin wrote:
> Do me a favor gang, stop making stupid bullshit pots. Start making
> pots that
> people care about. Start making pots that matter.

don hunt wrote:

> What pot can possibly make a difference in light of that? Which pot
> will the
> family stop their morning to admire? What we make is trivial in light
> of eternity.

Grief, expecially in response to genuinely horrifying tragedy, brings
unspeakable urgency to living. In the face of such urgengy, that which
is not truly essential and eternal can even seem to be repulsive.

Part of the inner work of faith in my experience is learning to live
each day energized/inspired by this eternal urgency (and we do have a
lot about which to feel urgent these daze) while at the same time having
the perspective that any one action (word, thought, gesture, pot) is
truly insignificant in the larger sceme of things. It's a Both-And
proposition. We're ternally motivated and momentarily insignificant.

From somewhere in that eternally paradoxical tension, let's make pots
and live out of intense connection to our world as it is, molding some
small piece of this world into an expression of healing and peace. We
may well be molding some small part of ourselves and the community
around us into expressions of healing and peace.

Jeremy McLeod