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don goodrich ^6 glazes list!

updated thu 5 dec 02


Ababi on wed 4 dec 02

Hello Don
I have a request :
I was glad to find that you had added a glaze I posted to clayart,to you list.
That recipe was a converting of a glaze developed by another Israel potter whom I
never met. Her glaze in a way beautiful, I would say more terrible. it had about 40 soda
bicarbonate and 40- 50 quartz plus some other material, I did not keep the recipe.
Found out can be done better.
When I made it my knowledge was less than minimal (If you ask me now).
This is the glaze

TURQUOISE (1100-1240?C)

Silica 46
Whiting 9
Soda Ash 26
Soda Feldspar 5
Cryolite 14
Barium Carb.5
Copper Carb.3.6
more Blue: Copper Ox. Instead of carb.
Can add About 0.1% cobalt Ox.
Can add 1 % Granular Ilimenite
from Ababy sharon


Please remove it from the list.

If you want I offer you this glaze which I consider as my best so far.
I posted it to PMI of September.
Here is the base with few words following each coloring I used so far:


Cone 6 1222 deg.C. -

SILICA 25.20
ENGLISH KAOLIN CC31 30.50 any kaolin
Wollastonite 18.10
Cryolite 10.50
Tin Oxide 5.00
copper oxide 3.00

Seger Weight%
KNO 0.256 6.43%
CaO 0.404 8.71%
MgO 0.024 0.38%
SrO 0.315 12.54%
Al2O3 0.408 15.94%
SiO2 2.427 55.98%
TiO2 0.001 0.03%
K2O 0.027 0.97%
Na2O 0.229 5.46%
Al:Si 5.95
Expan. 8.55
ST 381.32

I use it spraying on porcelain or bright colored claybody.
Perhaps for brush using I should of decrease the kaolin and replace it with calcined
As it is does not leach.
Beautiful stony turquoise

remove the colorants, gives you mature porcelain look when you fire to ^6 the
porcelain of ^10
Add only the 5 tin, similar effect even nicer.
add 5 tin and 3 RIO kind of yellow, the not well sieved RIO creates brown red dots
5 titanium 3 copper oide gives mottled green, kind of strange different effect on
different wares.

That is all: Thanks
Ababi Sharon
Glaze addict
Kibbutz Shoval Israel