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attempting to find a former pottery teacher

updated tue 26 nov 02


Jeremy McLeod on mon 25 nov 02

So, what better "small town" than clayart in which to ask this question...??

In 1976 I studied pottery for a couple of quarters in a private studio adjacent
to "Holy Hill" in Berkeley, CA (the part of town with 9 seminaries, OK?).

The teacher's name was Joanne (or was it Joan?). She had a four wheel
teaching studio in the basement/ground level of an old house and a large
(maybe 50 cu. ft?) kiln in an adjacent part of the building. Sweet setup.

If anyone on the list knows who this might be and how to contact her,
I'd appreciate help doing that. It's one of those moments in my life
when I want to give credit where it's due.

Funny/Ironic/Sad story attached here. I was part of what I think was one of
her last classes (at least then). We never knew just whose pot exploded in
the glaze fireing, but one did and brought down a whole large kiln load ot stuff.
Someone else's plate got shards of my rice bowls welded to it. Joanne
took this thing that resembled a beastie with crumpled wings, mounted
it in a velvet-lined shadow box, named it "Winged Defeat" and gave up
teaching (I don't think she gave up pottery, but don't know that piece for sure).

I left that those two quarters' study of pottery knowing that when I had time and space
to do so, clay would become an obcession. It took 25+ years, but the time
was right some years ago and obcession it is.

Thanks, Joanne.


Jeremy McLeod