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salt slips and glazes for von

updated sat 23 nov 02


Brian Molanphy on fri 22 nov 02


look at feb 2000 ceramics monthly for blair meerfeld's slips and glazes. =
most often use the titanium yellow: neph sy 31.58%, tenn ball #10 =
flint 5.26%, plus superpax 5.26%, titanium 10.53%. i haven't bothered to
figure specific gravity, i just mix it thin. applies equally well to
leatherhard or dry ware. flakes off bisqueware. i get mustard yellow on
coarse stoneware, sometimes patches of blue streaks on finer, whiter

i also use 3% copper carbonate in a thick slip of porcelain, made with
whatever commercial (laguna) porcelain body i happen to be using: babu,
dave's, zen. i apply it to dry stoneware; worked ok the one time i tried
it on bisque. varies widely from bright aqua green to pink to matte =
depending on the salt hit.=20