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workshop high

updated tue 19 nov 02


primalmommy on mon 18 nov 02

If there's really such thing as a workshop junkie, I'm it, and I've had
my fix. I scored big this last weekend... I'm
still high on the workshop with Dannon Rhudy, a chance to see the folks
at ACERS and Ceramics Monthly, and
a rare chance to see some of the clayarters I love the best...

I had already been to a Dannon workshop, a few years ago, for a whole
week... but still managed to learn new
amazing things in a six hour workshop/demo. She has a concise,
no-nonsense approach, is generous with her
knowledge and time, and makes beautiful, beautiful pots.

I am happy and worn out... a weekend away from home, up late nights,
then off to Michigan sunday to help my
folks close the cottage, rake leaves, pull in boats and docks for the
winter. I stayed out in my studio glazing
last night until three in the morning...

I would recommend Dannon's workshops to everyone, and feel recharged
just from rubbing elbows with potters
who inspire, advise and amaze me (you know who you are) ....

Yours, Kelly in Ohio (who strolled through my old alma mater while in
Columbus... stopped by my old dormitory
and visited my old room, introduced myself to the girls who live there
now... "I used to live here before you were
born"... amazing how years fly...)

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