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insight cone 10 glaze crawling problem to kat in the hat!

updated sat 16 nov 02


Ababi on fri 15 nov 02

Hello Kat in the Hat!
When I downloaded Insight 5x it was strange for me to find there recipes. I know
Tony meant to offer them as starting point but if the new user of Insight did not read
his books he might of see them as the ultimate recipes, the way we see in clayart
these days.
I think Tony must add to each of these recipes in the notes, a warning that these
glaze must be tested to the user's claybody and that in this way the user can learn
how to use the program.

I want to add:
When I started to use Insight5 I had a very small knowledge it was very hard to learn
how to use it. What I did was to look at the numbers and compare to results.
It can be done.
You can learn. Most of you can learn in courses in your tiny Island or even ask your
So Kat in the Hat Go out of the hut and say my words to Tony!
Ababi Sharon
Glaze addict
Kibbutz Shoval Israel
---------- Original Message ----------

>Hey All:
>Let me properly introduce myself. I work with Tony Hansen at Plainsman Clays.
>Yah! That should be sufficient..
>Ok, Tony always tells me that the glazes he published are starting points.
>Since everyone uses different clays with various methods. The most
>important part is knowing how to alter your recipe when it is not doing
>what you want.
>That is why he created insight.
>So in his defence, the recipes are not intended to fit everybody's clay
>Crummy - I wish there was one solution one answer.

>Yet one thing I find odd, is that the recipe fits on porcelain and not on
>stoneware. Usually the opposite is more likely.

>Kat in the Hat


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