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10,000$ paintings/pricing of work

updated sat 16 nov 02


Elizabeth Fisher on fri 15 nov 02

I think I am finding out MORE than I thought I wanted/needed to know
on this subject. But all comments make me think, and that is a good

So, scary idea that only people with money can afford to have "good
taste"? I mean, where is the energy/creative flow if pieces are
priced so only folks with lots of money can afford them? I am
thinking there is something to be said about the earlier mentioned
philosophy of Warren MacKenzie and his $40 pots.

I guess I just hope that a piece really grabs someone. And since mine
are "non-functional" pieces, I can't enjoy the thought of someone
using the work everyday to eat cereal out of, etc., but can hope that
they'll hang it or put it where they can look at it everyday and FEEL

And at this point, I would almost say to someone that really likes a
piece, "OK, take it home.", but as I need to pay for this avocation,
$ needs to begin exchanging hands.

Anyway, I will check out other' pieces befroe the show, then just
jump in and see what happens. After all, it IS just a glob of clay.

Liz Fisher, Eastern Shore of MD

>pricing. always a chore.
>this is an old post, from six years ago.
>still is true.
>many price art for vanity sake. need the vanity.
>no intention of selling...just love big price tags. makes them
>feel important.
>you know, $2,000 pots at a gallery. if a sucker stops
>and buys it, so be it...but then comes the hook.
>this happened in my grad school painting section.
>this is a metaphor;
>many can tell the story in a different way, with different
>numbers. but, it is basically true.
>prof (a great guy) came in. told the class he just sold
>a painting in new york for $10,000. everyone but me
>squeeeled. `10 grand, wow, wow..`
>i said.
>`do a profit loss statement for these kids`.
>he told me `to go to hell, and not ruin his fun day`.
>so, i did it.
>on the blackboard:
>10,000 dollars.
>new york gallery gets 60 percent.
>then there is a 10 percent f.i.c.a. government tax. (check it out)
>most think that is social security...not.
>so that leaves prof 3,000 dollars.
>no no...state and federal taxes are deducted.
>now prof has 1500.
>no no. he had to fly to new york, talk to the client.
>now the prof has 700 dollars. (at best )
>no no. gallery forgot to tell him that this was a corporate
>sale. the painting is going to be in a public place. 1,000 discount from
>the artist.
>opps. prof is in the hole.
>no hired a guy to help him with the painting, it is very
>big. paid the guy 1500 bucks.
>opps now we are -2,000.
>no no....linen canvas, golden brand paints. professional
>made stretcher. another 1,000.
>so now -3,000.
>his time, energy and pay. 0
>vanity. sold a painting for 10,000. in new york. painting
>is in a public place. so what? he has his job teaching art at the
>university of minnesota, health insurance, retirement.
>many artists that are in the stables of new york galleries
>have to boot leg their art for cash to keep their heads above
>water. they have to teach workshops to afford their materials.
>and one wonders why warren mackenzie sells his pots for 40 bucks.
>in his pocket.
>in his pocket.
>at home.
>40 and on and on and on.
>often cash.
>sell a great deal of 40 dollar pots and you have a lot of money
>in the bank. very little vanity attached.
>i just love warren's way of doing business.
>there are hundreds of galleries in new york. about a fourth of them
>go out of business each year. new folks jump in, take their
>place. it is a tough life. (sharks) i doubt that any of them are in business
>to help and support artists. they are in business to keep their
>heads above water. if you want big prices, remember, there
>are only a few folks out there that will spend thousands for pots.
>there are thousands of folks that will give me 40 bucks for a pot.
>there are a great many artists that have never had a practical thought
>in their life. the last thing in their mind is doing a profit/loss statement.
>i just don't like to hear the whimpering. `no one appreciates me.`
>then i tell them to read..`art and fear`.
>this was in the minneapolis star and trib this morning.
>"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result
>of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction
>and skillful execution."
>Will A. Foster author
>mel/off to columbus/potters council meeting.
>joyce has the ship for a few days.
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