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pricing pieces for show - thanks!

updated fri 15 nov 02


Elizabeth Fisher on thu 14 nov 02

I think I have a pretty good idea of what to do now. I appreciate all
comments - this discussion list is very cool!

Liz Fisher

>At 07:46 PM 11/13/02 -0500, you wrote:
>>I am putting some pieces (non-functional) in a local craft/art show...I
>have NO idea
>>how to price these pieces. My first instinct is to say "make an
>No, you really need to put an actual price.
>The value of any work of art is still what
>people are willing to pay, though. So how
>do you find out what that is? Look at other
>work which is comparable to yours. 'Shop
>around'. Look at the prices for work of like
>size, complexity, skill, etc, made by local
>artists who aren't much more famous than you.
>This will get you into the approximate
>range. Then you can look at your work and
>'fine-tune' the price from there. Deciding
>what work is similar enough to compare can
>be the hard part - after all, nobody's stuff
>is like yours - but it's the most valid and
>reasonable method I know.
> -Snail
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