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attention deficit disorder and creativity...'society', 'children',

updated thu 14 nov 02


Philip Poburka on wed 13 nov 02

and suggestions of context...(or the context of the context)

Thank you Leland!

I think readily too...of the fims...

"One Flew Over the Cokoo's Nest"


"Breaker Morant"

"Splendor in the Grass"

"The Grey Fox"

"The Man who Lived with Tigers" (Hopelessly obscure I

"Tess of the DeUbervilles"

"Night of the Iguanna"


"City of Lost Children"

"The Emerald Forrest"

"Little Big Man"

"Day of the Locust"

"Cat People"


"Apocalypse Now"

"The Razor's Edge"



"The Mission"

"The usual Suspects" (in it's way...)

"The People"

"Rebel Without a Cause"

"Crawlspace" ...(Likely even more hopelessly obstruse,
forgotten...title was reused for something make
matters 'worse'...a movie no one would likely 'like'...but

"Pressure Point" ....( see last mention...obscure,
possibly destoryed...Sidney Pottier, Bobby Darrin...rotted
in the 'Can' I suppose...)



"The Night Porter"

"The Bad Leiutenant"

"The Piano"

"Like Water for Chocolate"

"Being There"

"Dead Man"

"The Black Stallion"

"Moby Dick"

On and allude...bespeak in their
way...'of'...'from'...vestiges or assertions, or defferences
Or the conflicts, corruptions or approximate resolutions of,
in, or amid...the denial of...defference 'to'...

Then again, maybe it all...bespeaks...of that...anyway

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Subject: Re: Attention Deficit Disorder and
Creativity...'Children', and suggestions of context...


I'm grinnin' here! You make my brain hurt! And I thank you
for it.

Very Best Regards
Leland Hall
Before The Wheel Enterprises
La Pine, OR, USA

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